Ceilidh Connection
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Front outside view of The Ceilidh Connection   What we're about...

Traveling light? No room for a laptop. Computer broke and need to get an email sent? No matter what your needs, we're here to help. Located in the centre of downtown Halifax minutes from all major hotels, shopping and business districts. The Ceildih is armed with 10 PC's all on high speed connection and networked to a printer, fax and copier. Eudora email free for sending, Microsoft Word 2000, Corel Office Suite 7 and many other programs and games for you to use. Buy computer time as you need or buy a package that suits your schedule and budget. Not interested in using a computer? Join us for a cold brew and hot meal from our food and beverage menu, served the way you like. Our friendly staff will be more helpful in assisting you with either your dining or computer needs.


The Ceilidh Connection opened its doors to Haligonians in the fall of 97. Since opening on this date it has been the number one public access for visitors to Halifax. Vistor's are as well have seen a warmth and charm rekindled in the spirit of historic Halifax. The cafe is located in The Wright Building or otherwise known as the Marble Building. built in 1896 by a local entrepreneur Mr. George Wright who's last days ended abroard the sinking of the Titanic. The Ceilidh was just one of the first's for this building. It was also head office for Marconi when he discovered the wireless. Come join us at the Ceilidh Connection and walk into a world, which crosses the boundaries of time and technology, and experience a true Maritime adventure. The Ceilidh Connection... where your time is our business.

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